In Response to: Growing Green

I was surprised to read, in “The Climate Issue,” articles about various climate policy and humanities activities of Princetonians, but nothing at all about Princeton’s role in climate science. Alumni should know that Princeton is also a leader there. For example, under the leadership of Ning Lin *10, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, Princeton developed world-leading AI technology used to model hurricanes under a changing climate. Called the Princeton environment-dependent probabilistic tropical cyclone (PePC) model, it projects the serious hazards of high-speed winds, storm surge flooding, and extreme rainfall from future hurricanes. Jupiter Intelligence, a company that helps governments and businesses assess their climate risk, integrates PePC into their larger risk models. The CEO of Jupiter is a Yalie, so you can be sure they only use Princeton’s model because it’s the best in the world.

Scott Scharfman ’86
San Mateo, Calif.