In Response to: The Texan in Washington

I usually browse the PAW each week for news of friends and classmates, but this week I was really struck by the Q&A with James Baker III ’52, a great American and personal favorite. One question revolved around the story of a Tiger tattoo reputed to be sported by his good friend George Shultz ’42.

My father was Princeton ’43. I believe he was in Quad with future Secretary Shultz and played JV football with him. 

During an extended illness late in my father’s life, the story of said tattoo on the Secretary’s derrière became a cause célèbre. I asked my father if he had ever “heard” of it. 

“Heard?” he replied. “I’ve seen it!”

Needless to say, somewhat nonplussed, I asked how that came to be. Apparently after a Friday afternoon win, Dad’s friend George went to New York City to celebrate the victory. The next Monday, the tattoo made its official maiden appearance in the JV locker room after practice. 

Jack Dunn IV ’73 k’43
Key Largo, Fla.