I was interested to read the Princeton Portrait of Dr. John Archer (Class of 1760). Dr. Archer is my 5th great grandfather and, in addition to being the first medical degree recipient, he was also a Congressman from Maryland.  His son (my 4th great grandfather), Stevenson Archer, was also a Princeton graduate (Class of 1805) and a Congressman from Maryland. John’s grandson, Stevenson Archer (my 3rd great-granduncle), kept that tradition alive by graduating from Princeton in 1846 and becoming a Maryland Congressman as well.  

The Princeton tradition skipped a couple of generations until my father, Samuel T. Logan, Jr. attended Princeton, graduating in 1965. I graduated in 1991, becoming the fifth member of the Logan/Archer family to attend and graduate from Princeton in 235 years.

I recently launched a men’s clothing line (johnarcherclothing.com) that took its name from Dr. John Archer, so it was particularly interesting to see your article on my ancestor in the February 2024 issue of the PAW.

Thanks for the additional color about Dr. Archer and the story around the awarding of his degree.

Talbot Logan ’91
New York, N.Y.