On Jan. 10, we learned the very chilling news that Google, Amazon, and Apple are de-platforming the rising unaffiliated social media site, Parler, launched in August 2018. Will Big Tech next move to constrain our rights to open our small businesses? Work where we choose to work?

CEO John Matze said on Fox News Sunday that his company had been informed by Google web services that they will be shutting down his 30-plus servers within 24 hours.  Parler as a social media site must port all followers and data from those servers then no longer be hosted.  The move comes as Parler experienced 1.5 million downloads in Apple’s app store on Saturday, the most downloads of any app for that 24-hour period. 

Big Tech noticed and they squashed the company.

I welcome PAW’s commentary about this monopolistic activity in a heretofore capitalistic country: Free speech enjoyed just yesterday no longer exists in tomorrow’s Big Tech world.

Lawrence Cheetham ’67
Bedford, N.H.