In Response to: Voices: Branching Out

Great story, and a nice progression of roles filled and jobs undertaken. I think a lot of us boomers (I'm Class of '73) have walked on roads that parallel or reflect yours, at least to some degree. My detour was a bit longer in distance and in the making. While attending graduate school at UT Austin to pursue my goal of teaching college, I realized I wanted to stay in Austin. But alas, no jobs for anthropologists here. So I abandoned my PhD quest, switched to computer science and ended up working for a company founded by CS Department faculty members, which has led to three-plus decades of computer-oriented work for me. I got interested in writing for publication in the mid-80s, and now have a number of books and many articles, blogs, and whatnot to my credit. It is a strange road from school to work sometimes, but usually an interesting and enjoyable one. Thanks again for sharing your story. 

Ed Tittel ’73