Absolutely I echo the comment asking why pundits who are terribly wrong continue to get air time (or paper time or blog time)? I dislike a lot of things about the Trump administration, but their refusal to shmooze with the media I applaud. If you know the media is 95% against anything Republican (and 100% opposed to anything Trump, even if it smacks of Democratic Party policy), why would you pretend otherwise and participate in things like the White House Correspondents Dinner?

One of the most unpopular groups, taken as a whole, is the media. Trump is not stupid - he knows he does not lose by attacking this group. If he has a mind to really win the battle with the media, he will plant false leaks, and let the media, due to their confirmation bias, run with them and embarrass themselves, thereby losing more credibility. Then maybe the media will return to a fairer, balanced approach to the "news." They would win back viewers if they concentrated on reporting important, verifiable facts, and less on punditry.

Greg Garner