I fully support the stand taken by "The Post." But the movie was not that good; it could not make up its mind: Was it a documentary, or a story about real people in real situations? Streep was good as Katharine Graham and her difficulty in making up her mind and in being a woman in such a powerful position, rare at the time. Hanks was awful as Bradlee; he could throw around obscenities, but that was about all he did. The movie could still do a lot of good in these Trumpian times. I have similar feelings about "Darkest Hour" about Churchill. Neither movie was a good movie, but both presented issues of value for the public. Both movies also got a lot of pre-showing publicity. I doubt your average American who likes super heroes, no matter what age that American dolt is, will go to see either one.

Norman Ravitch *62
Savannah, Ga.