In Response to: From the Archives

As a k’74 k’75, I have read PAW cover to cover for as long as I can remember reading. I’ve always looked at the From the Archives section and wondered about times past and University members doing interesting things. I opened the March 18, 2020, copy and saw the four people playing soccer. The young woman to the far right looked familiar, so utilizing connections of social media, I contacted Sirena Hsieh ’00, who positively identified herself, her roommate Alessandra Lusardi ’00 and her younger brother with the ball (in eighth grade at the time!), and the young man in the background as Terrence Whalen ’00, all looking sporty in Holder Courtyard.

We then commiserated over reaching the “milestone” of being old enough to be in “From the Archives.” Dr. Hsieh is a lively and dynamic orthodontist in Hazlet, N.J., while I am completing my fellowship training in craniofacial and microsurgery at Beaumont Health outside Detroit.

Thanks for all the memories and bonds over the years!

Stephen Lu ’03
Birmingham, Mich.