Any time I see a fair piece such as this, being open to questioning and listening and exploring, it gladdens my heart.  So often I see the Shakespeare authorship debate being treated as a conspiracy or something untouchable.  I have been an Oxfordian myself (someone who considers that one the basis of the evidence available, Edward de Vere Earl of Oxford is the person who wrote under the name “William Shakespeare”).  Being on this journey of discovery has been absolutely extraordinary.  We all have some much to learn from Shakespeare and all I can say is that my understanding has been deepened by looking at the plays and poems through the lens of what was actually happening in the 16th century.

Richard Waugaman treats possibly some of the most important aspects of this debate — the psychological ones, both as they apply to ourselves and to the author, whoever he or she was!

Rosemary Loughlin
Blackrock, Ireland