In Response to: In Brief

I am appalled at the decision by Princeton to assign a position at the University to such a polarizing figure as Van Jones (Notebook, March 17). This man was removed from his “czar” position in the Obama administration because of his radical political agenda. Jones is an avowed Communist, with designs on destroying the freedoms and constitution of this country. In addition, Jones has been very outspoken – as evidenced by video recordings seen on national television – against the whites of this nation.  Racial hatred has no place at Princeton, or anywhere in this country for that matter.

How can Princeton think it wise, in perilous financial times as these, to hire a person who very possibly will turn a sizable number of alumni away from making a large donation to Annual Giving? As someone who made calls to my classmates for the big 50th class Annual Giving effort, I know personally of some who refused my request for contributions because Professor Pete Singer is still on the faculty. I intend to let my wallet speak to this issue.

If Princeton does not reverse what I feel is a very unwise hiring decision, I would hope the University monitors closely what kind of material Jones presents to students. A “visiting” professorship is a testing ground for Van Jones. Let it be only that, a test.

Sam McKinstry ’60