In Response to: Citadel game questions

I read with great interest Reed Benet ’84’s letter about the Citadel football game (Dec. 17). My wife and I, as well, attended the game and agree wholeheartedly with Reed. Perhaps being an ex-Naval officer, with one of my grandsons attending West Point, makes me better appreciate military traditions and the importance they represent to the attendees. Although it was unfortunate that several of The Citadel cadets let their emotions get the best of them, for which I feel certain The Citadel administration has made them pay, our band’s behavior both before and during the game showed a complete lack of respect for the institution they were visiting. One of the several good reasons I chose Princeton resulted from watching one of my older brothers, Class of ’43, march in a traditional Princeton band during football games.

I’m concerned that several alumni seem to place most of the blame on The Citadel and feel we should no longer schedule them as an opponent. Malarkey! The game was a fantastic game to watch, a credit to both Coach Roger Hughes and the football players. I am one who hopes lessons have been learned on both sides and the competition will continue.  

Richard Daily ’54