Some Senators and Representatives have felt the need to lead with falsehood in connecting to their constituents. Our own Senator Lankford felt that he should object to the outcome of the election because of the concern of the people of Oklahoma. Ted Cruz ’92 took up the conceit, expressing it vigorously on the campaign trail in Georgia (not his state obviously). Josh Hawley, newly elected from the state of Missouri, is questionably not even a resident of Missouri. They led with a lie saying let’s throw it on the wall and see if it sticks.

Our senior Republican Senator James Mountain Inhofe chose to lead with the truth. He is, however, 86 years old and didn't even bother to debate his opponent in the latest election. Pandering to his base is not a pressing issue.

A true leader should lead with the truth while listening to dissenting opinions. Otherwise, they are simply lending credence to the lie.

Edwin Yeary ’71
Tulsa, Okla.