The current installment of the Israeli-Arab war provides a clear litmus test to detect antisemitism in American universities in general. There are many trying to sniff out Arab suffering at Israeli hands and scream “Geneva Conventions, Geneva Conventions.” The instances they choose to decry betray their total ignorance of the content of these conventions. Just as all cries for humanitarian aid seem to ignore the plight of those held hostage. Don’t they merit release as humanitarian aid?

How many bullet holes can one put into a baby without violating the Geneva Conventions? How many unarmed concert goers can one massacre before provoking the displeasure of the antisemite?

To the idea that in a conflict both sides must be at fault, let us consider this example: On one side is Booth on the other Lincoln; it takes two to make an assassination therefore they must both be at fault.  

Those who still hold noncombatant hostages and use human shields (both in contravention of the Geneva Conventions) do not have the high road, nor do their enthusiastic supporters.

What did Israel do to provoke this conflict? They were about to make peace with Saudi Arabia. All but antisemites would applaud that.

Daniel I.A. Cohen ’67
New York, N.Y.