In Response to: Unarmed and Dangerous

The existing gun safety organizations are helpful but are too small. They can’t effect the kind of political change necessary to get real gun safety statutes adopted. We need a new kind of gun safety organization on a much larger scale that can compete with the NRA for political influence. Young Princeton graduates looking to have an impact in the nation’s service could be the innovators who make a real difference. We need a membership organization that includes both corporate and individual members and that distributes functions to its members through technology. A majority of Americans, even a majority of gun owners, want better laws.  I would like to see some young Princeton alums take this on and become the founders of the organization that will lead us to a society where guns are treated at least as carefully as cars and gun manufacturers are subject to product liability on the same basis as other industries.  

Joseph H. Harrison Jr. ’73
Wilmette, Ill.