It is inconceivable that the year of plague, 2020, will not change higher education for good, as it is changing the way companies and their employees and management interact.

Lectures in person with half the undergrads asleep will end. Graduate seminars may continue since they involved one weekly meeting in person in a small location with a small attendance. Exams will have to continue but they may change in format. Student social life may change in many ways both desirable and undesirable. Requirements, programs, focuses, and so on will have to change, and professors of all ranks will find their time spent quite differently. Research will continue perhaps with fewer changes but the evaluation of them, as well as the evaluation of teaching, will change.

I say this thankfully never having run a college or a school. So my views hardly matter at all. I am thankful that my teaching years are long past. I doubt I could put up with the changes I anticipate.

Norman Ravitch *62
Savannah, Ga.