The calls by PIAD and others for a cease fire by the IDF usually cite the 28,000 or more casualties suffered by those in Gaza. These numbers come from the Gaza Health Ministry, which operates under Hamas. Whatever the real casualty rate is, it must include Hamas fighters as well as civilians. Do you remember Orwell’s Ministry of Truth or the Nazis’ Big Lie about Jews?

Civilian casualties are a shame, but immoral? The U.S. and its allies killed millions of Japanese and German civilians in World War II. Why? Because they were harboring and generally supporting fanatical warriors.

The New York Times editorialized on March 22: “… that pro-Palestinian skew is much greater among the young. According to a November Quinnipiac University poll, Democrats under the age of 35 sympathize more with Palestinians than with Israelis by 58 points.”

It seems that with maturity, there’s a shift to the rational.

Many Palestinian supporters cry for a two-state solution. Netanyahu is understandably against this. In the 75 years in which the Palestinians have been juxtaposed with Israel, they have harbored or have been led by terrorists. Thus, they have demonstrated no ability to be responsible members of world community.

Don Tocher ’59
Boulder, Colo.