In late September 2016, I had the privilege to visit the Princeton University Art Museum and the special “For-Members-Only” reception and lecture. The evening began with Dr. James Steward presenting a superb lecture about the exhibition, “A Material Legacy,” bringing forth a deeper understanding of its far-reaching contemporary art. And afterward at the food table was Scott McVay discussing his enjoyment of figs with my daughter Rose Mary, who soon introduced him and his wife Hella to me. It indeed was a wonderful surprise to meet the McVays. It just so happened that Scott McVay’s father was a classmate and friend of my late husband, Harry Noyes Collinson, Class of 1922. And his wife Hella is from Berlin and like a blitz, we spoke German and English intermingled together. We talked about the art of my father, Hans Friedrich Grohs (1892-1981). I had become the sole inheritor of the Grohs estate and shipped the art to the USA and established the Frauken Grohs Collinson-Grohs Collection Trust, Archive and Library.
Our trip included a gift in kind of the Hans Friedrich Grohs art to the wonderful and special Art Museum of Princeton University. Also another gift to fulfill our promise will soon be made. More of his art can be seen on our Hans Friedrich Grohs (1892-1981) Facebook page or by searching Google images.
My past visits to Princeton University are everlasting memories to me.

Frauken Grohs Collinson w'22