In Response to: Facing Failure

Thank you for your article “Facing Failure” (January issue), which highlights the challenges of a Princeton education and the need to both develop resilience among our (often already quite resilient) students and also to become a responsive and resilient university. We at the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning strive to equip students with the knowledge, skills, strategies, and mindsets to grapple with challenges that all Princeton students encounter, thereby increasing their academic acumen, self-efficacy, and resilience not only through tutoring, as mentioned, but especially through our workshops ( and learning consultations ( PAW readers may also want to know about still other resources developed to promote resilience that are available to students and alumni (and their families) in addition to those the article mentions. For example, the Academic Resilience Consortium (previously the Resilience Consortium), which was created by a group of staff members from Ivy-plus institutions, including Princeton, offers extensive online resources addressing resilience. Many of these materials consider the distinctive challenges posed by highly selective and competitive institutions, which were underscored by the students interviewed in your informative piece.

Nic Voge, Senior Associate Director, McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
Princeton, N.J.