I noticed your very circumspect reporting of Professor Joshua Katz’s firing (On the Campus, July/August issue). I wish you would report more thoroughly on what’s going on, letting both sides speak. The vox populi of Princeton is complex. It’s really quite a riveting drama unfolding and I think alumni should know, as it matters whether Princeton is being led with integrity.

For additional views, I recommend: mathematics professor Sergiu Klainerman’s essay for Tablet, “At Princeton, One Small Step for Free Speech, One Giant Leap for Censorship”; politics professor Robert P. George’s essay in Quillette, “The Case of Joshua Katz”; another Tablet essay by former Scheide Librarian Paul Needham, “Princeton’s Buried Bodies”; University of Chicago professor Clifford Ando ’90’s piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education “Princeton Betrays Its Principles”; and the group Princetonians for Free Speech.

Ana Samuel ’00
Lawrenceville, N.J.