In Response to: Wilson College turns 50

When my intended roommates and I got a low number for room draw, we joined forces with others and drew a 10-person, two-level suite in 1939 Hall – 131 1939, to be exact. While Wilson College would not have been a top choice for any of us, it turned out to be a great year socially. Across the way were 12 female classmates in Gauss in a suite called the Zoo, downstairs were six football players, and in the next entry some basketball players and their roommates.

I remember the food in Wilson College being accessible and good by the standards of the day – never having had a cheesesteak before Princeton, I ate four for lunch one day. We had a lot of knitters, watched All My Children (I think; I was not a devotee) religiously, made tons of popcorn illegally, and watched the news when Reagan was shot.  

Almost all of us are still in touch after almost 30 years. We have a photo of us on the stairs at Wilson College that we have replicated in later years as well: Pretty ’80s fashions abound.

Fun to remember that year – probably the year when we had the most college fun at Princeton!

Quarles Wonham ’83