I’m pleased that Princeton reinstated the transfer program and that a greater effort is being made to orientate the transfer students (On the Campus, June issue). I was one of six transfer students accepted into the Class of 1968. I entered as a junior. By then, of course, most students had established their friendships. I’m a bit withdrawn anyway, and I found it difficult to make close friends. Plus, within days after I arrived, the fall bicker began, and I had no idea how to choose. It would have helped if I had someone I could go to for both academic and personal advice. Yes, I loved every minute of my time at Princeton, but I felt like a fish out of water for several months.

By the way, I came from a coed college, and Princeton was debating whether to go coed. I was able to offer an opinion based on experience.

In any event, transfer students can both benefit from Princeton and contribute to it, and I heartedly support the University’s efforts to accept transfers.

Stephen L. Pevar ’68
West Hartford, Conn.