In Response to: The Oznot Project

It was with great pleasure that I read the account of the Oznot affair. I was on the wait list for the Class of ’68, and when the news of Oznot appeared, I sent a telegram to the admission office saying, “If Oznot can get in, why can’t I?” I guess that worked or at least created an opening, so I was admitted and had a successful undergraduate experience. I was not as accomplished as Oznot (no Latin, no piano, my varsity letter was for making movies for the football team), but I fulfilled Director of Admission Alden Dunham ’53’s policy of broadening the background of the class. I’ve been on admission committees at several universities and colleges, and often wondered if there was an Oznot in the mix. I am now on the faculty at Harvard and still enjoy the teaching and research that I was prepared for at Princeton. 

Thomas J. Bossert ’68
Belmont, Mass.