Alumni offered more than a dozen comments when PAW posted the photo at left on Facebook Oct. 10, along with a link to a campus fashion story from Oct. 22, 1979, that reported: “Students have dressed up.”

Stan Freck ’82 identified the two students as Anne Renfrew Lepesant ’82 and Mark Goldstrom ’79, but said he “can’t say I ever saw either of them dressed like this, much less dressed like this on their way to class.” Virginia Shea ’82 went even further, saying that during her four years on campus, “I’m fairly certain that I never saw any student go to class in a three-piece suit.” Stacy Hoffhaus ’81 wrote that “plenty of us public school kids weren’t wearing preppie styles back then,” describing her own look as “a weird mix of what I will call Kansas City chic, disco, and clothes I’d sewn myself.” Lepesant posted this explanation: “Goldie had an interview that day. Not sure who I was trying to impress. I’ve been looking for this photo for years — makes me smile.”

Photo: W.L. Bill Allen Jr. ’79/Princeton Alumni Weekly/Oct. 22, 1979