Princeton’s excellent reputation developed from the pursuit of knowledge and truth. Unfortunately, faculty, especially outside the sciences, have become political proponents interested in false doctrine and propaganda rather than knowledge and truth.

The alarm over the poor performance is countered with an “academic freedom” defense, but academic freedom does not encompass poor work and incompetence. Scholarly faculty teaching has been increasingly displaced by glib indoctrination and lack of debate in ideas, with students captured by irrational concepts while being robbed of an education.  

As an Annual Giving section chair, I have found decreasing desire to support the failing academic quality. In addition, alumni I speak with think they should be informed about hidden factors like how much money Princeton has received from China and Middle Eastern countries and where was it allocated? Also, how much Annual Giving is needed to replace endowment income lost by doctrinal selectivity of investments? 

Burton A. Weiss ’63 *66
Turnersville, N.J.