At a time when Billy Graham was going strong as an evangelist, a noted evangelist from England gave a talk one evening in McCosh 50. I was sitting in the balcony, and at the end of the talk, he called people to come forward to commit themselves to Christ.

I already was Christian, although with some questions, and at that time, I thought, “If God really is present, now would be the time for ‘Him’ to confirm that fact by making Himself known to me.” Shortly thereafter I was overwhelmed by a rush of energy, coursing through my body, that I had never experienced before (or since). It kept coming and coming, somewhat like a shiver, but much, much stronger. I thought, “This is the way God is making His presence known.” (And I still think so.) The force of the continuous energy receded, but it stayed with me, in decreasing doses, as I walked back to my dorm room.

Roland Zimany ’58
Urbandale, Iowa