The University’s proposed new Environmental Studies and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences building complex to be located immediately south of the eating clubs promises to provide for a high level of functionality for a world-class faculty, researchers, and students, yet distressingly the plans for a very small portion of it will unnecessarily and irrevocably damage Prospect Avenue’s iconic streetscape, which is included in the National Register’s Princeton Historic District. 

A May 30 Planet Princeton article ( reports on this issue and contains links to a town-resident-created online petition as well as to a 19-page presentation by Princeton Prospect Foundation. Alumni are urged to speak up now if they find this particular aspect of the University’s otherwise grand construction plans to be unacceptable.

Editor’s note: The municipality of Princeton’s planning board was scheduled to discuss this project as PAW was going to press. The June 17 discussion will be continued July 8; PAW will report on the board’s decision when it is announced. 

Sandy Harrison ’74, board chair, Princeton Prospect Foundation
Ardmore, Pa.