Perhaps another story about University Proctors (From the Archives, January issue) may be of interest.

It was the spring of my sophomore year when my classmates of the Class of 1954, shouted the name of  “Joe Sugar” and we gathered in a melee on Nassau Street. I was confronted by a proctor who asked me to give him my name. I responded “Schmalz.” This is German for lard or chicken fat. He did not care for my response and gave me a hard time.

I was summoned to appear in Nassau Hall before Dean “Frisco” Godolphin 1924. I arrived with great trepidation only to be treated with great civility. As it turns out, my father was also a member of the Class of 1924 and the dean knew him. The dean enjoyed the references to my name, and we parted friends.

Later, however, I shared a lunch with my parents at the Princeton Inn, where I learned that they did not appreciate my activities and they thought that I should get back to my studies. I did.           

I hope to have a more pleasant meal at my upcoming 70th reunion at Forbes College.

Bob Schmalz ’54
Bedford, Mass.