Professor Macedo's one-sided "analysis" is made worse by the trappings of impartiality, and in this he reflects the media as a whole. Scan the political headlines of Google News any day, and notice how most of them are tiny anti-Trump sermons. Before Trump's time, my wife was involved in a political meeting where the media cameras all focused on a staged riot, ignoring the other 350 degrees of peaceful discussion. Ever since then, she has dismissed mainstream media politics as lies, despite the "deniability" designed into their factual base.

The Trump people, with their usual imperfect use of words, are merely registering impatience with that process, and refusal to accept its tendentious results. Professor Macedo could begin by investigating who is actually behind the violence decried in many Trump rallies. The answer is anti-Trump "Alinskyite" provocateurs, a FACT that is always covered up in mainstream media headlines.

Larry Dickson *71