Many thanks to Elyse Graham ’07 for her excellent article about one of the founders of the Triangle Club, Jesse Lynch Williams 1892. I was the publications director for the Triangle Club in 1969–70 and was unaware of this outstanding Triangle alumnus. 

I propose that the Triangle Club consider a tribute to the founders, Jesse Lynch Williams and Booth Tarkington 1893. It would be interesting to perform parts of Williams’ play Why Marry?, which won the first Pulitzer Prize in drama in 1918. Tarkington never graduated from Princeton but went on to win two Pulitzer Prizes for fiction in 1919 and 1922. Princeton later awarded him two honorary degrees. Perhaps excerpts from his books Penrod, The Magnificent Ambersons, Alice Adams, or other literary works could be read or performed in his honor. 

Andrew A. Hendricks ’70
Lumberton, N.C.