Princeton University Archives

In Response to: From the Archives

When PAW published this From the Archives photo in the Nov. 8 issue and asked readers to send in the name of the unidentified student or their recollections of cold spells on campus, it struck a chord. 

Who’s the student in the photo?

Caren Palese ’96: “If the pants are velvety and the sweater is hunter green, then it is definitely me.”

Susie Mees Longfield ’86: “I did a double take on the photo — I’m not sure that’s me, but if not, it’s pretty close and could be my twin! Looks like a late-night winter paper-writing session in Firestone.”

Susanne Mueller *72: “When I saw the picture in PAW, it did rather jump out at me as me. I sent the picture to a fellow graduate student in the Department of Politics. His reply: ‘I’d say you, definitely.’ ”

Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach *02: “My husband and sister are convinced it’s me because I hold my pen in a funny way, and that’s the type of pen I would use. Plus, I am always cold.”

Suzanne Stirn Ainslie ’76: “There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is a picture of me! To this day I often sit at my desk in the very position depicted. It might be on a lower level in Firestone, the library at Wilson College, or possibly the library in the art museum.” 

Averel Roberts Wilson ’77 agreed with Ainslie, Jack Lange ’77 said it may be Lisa Reid ’79, and Jared Gustafson ’95 said it looks like Marion Henry ’95. Readers who feel they can settle the issue are invited to contact PAW.