On China’s New Silk Road (https://globalreportingcentre.org/on-chinas-new-silk-road-podcast/) is a magisterial exploration in nine erudite episodes of of China's global economic aspirations with its monumental Belt and Road Project.  Reported with insight, humanity, humor and rich detail by Mary Kay Magistad, veteran NPR and PRX “The World” Asia correspondent, the series moves from the deeply personal to the planetary and around the world from Beijing to Western China, Kazakhstan, Europe, Africa, Southern Asia and even the Arctic to explore and delineate what China wants and what that implies for everyone.

See also Magistad’s earlier “Whose Century Is It,” about the ideological and socio-cultural forces  (authoritarianism, self-determination, technology, Africa, spirituality, feminism, China, racial identity, sustainability and more) battling for dominance in the 21st Century.

Marty Krasney ’67
Sausalito, Calif.