In Response to: In Short

You wasted ink with your April 6 On the Campus item detailing a signed petition “condemn[ing] the endorsement of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.” So good of our magazine to mention activities that slam a sitting governor, notwithstanding Christie’s ex officio service on the Board of Trustees of our famed University, for endorsing a Republican in the Republican presidential primary. I can only hope that PAW, or President Eisgruber ’83 on the President’s Page, has plans for a summer article about this amazing 2016 presidential race as a newsworthy item.

How many classmates such as Ted Cruz ’92 do we have “in the nation’s service” during our presidential election? Years ago, when alumni such as the perennial Norman Thomas 1905 or the iconoclastic Ralph Nader ’55 made their presidential arguments, PAW made mention.

Lawrence Cheetham ’67
Bedford, N.H.