In light of the protests concerning institutional racism in America, I’d like to suggest that the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs is well-positioned to delve into this issue. Specifically, I’d like to see either a policy task force or research seminar focused on practices of institutional racism in American institutions and governmental organizations.

The opportunities to investigate the different varieties of such practices are so varied that the bulk or all of the undergraduate and graduate students at the school could devote their independent work to topics in policing, the justice system, education (preschool, K-12, undergraduate, and advanced degrees could all afford different task forces), health care, and banking. I’m sure that I’m omitting a number of spaces in which institutional racism takes place. It may be that plans are already in progress for such scholarship. If so, then I commend those involved for their timely initiative. If not, I can think of no more timely effort to be in the nation’s service and in the service of all nations.

Tim Scott ’90
Portland, Ore.