The 2007 Princeton publication “Princeton: Defining Diversity” states that one goal of the University’s commitment to diversity is to ensure that students of different backgrounds learn from each other. From recent PAW articles it would appear that this goal is not being met. In one report, students of Latin American background seemed most concerned with learning about their own culture. They also wanted Princeton to consider a criterion other than research and teaching ability in hiring new faculty. This criterion is ethnic origin, a factor that is decided on the basis of pure chance and has nothing to do with ability or accomplishment. Another article detailed the University’s commitment of its funds to build a “safe” home for students “of color” from which white students will be excluded.

“Balkanization” seems a rather mild term for this policy. It is time to re-examine the way in which the diversity effort is being handled.

David S. Hodes ’63
Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.