In Response to: Science Under Attack

Science. What's the point, one may ask? But it's precisely that it's not a point that makes its point.

After all, a point's but a meaning w/o any parts. And purpose provides a mental "string" which is a point albeit in two different locations. For which plausible options pin-prick the heavens like points in a Seurat whence Pollock-like accidents, were they NOT waiting to happen, could never be fine-tuned for our BEING to have BECOME in the first place.

That's because energy is the vital conservation of our exponential expansion insofar as the enormous unlikelihood of completion inversely magnifies constancy's stay. Hence no greater the stasis of time than at the dynamic space-separating speed of light. And that timelessness must, by physical necessity, dumbbell BOTH ends of spacetime's alpha AND omega pits gravity and light as each the other's big bang -- cyclically causal every time that which one word had begun has had the chance to literally say it all.

Chris Morris *78