To interact with social media sites to seek personal opinions on political questions and other information is a complete waste of time. Ninety percent of what said and reported on these sites is not fact checked as is done by national mainstream media. These sites allow nearly anyone to state an opinion from the masses who are the undereducated proletariat of our society. These for-profit only private commercial sites with no journalistic bona fides should be regulated and censured, for repeated obvious misinformation and violence-prone language, by the federal government. Traditional media sources of political information such as The New York Times and The Washington Post should be the principal outlet for all educated people including Princeton alumni. I have never opened Twitter and Facebook as they are prime reasons the internet has caused excessive damage to critical thinking. There is no such thing as the “science” of information as Andrew Guess majored at Cornell. Information is not bioengineering. He should become addicted to The New York Times, not the cheap imitation Twitter Tennessee whiskey.

Laurence C. Day ’55
Ladue, Mo.