Silver's had a bad run. He said Trump had no chance at the nomination, Sanders would get one or at most two states in the primary, Clinton would trash Sanders in the MI primary, the Cubs would lose the Series, Clinton was a shoo-in for pres, and at the Super Bowl half time he said Pats had less than a 1% chance. Basically, Silver is wrong, and he's wrong a lot because he is a fraud, and his whole system has been discredited. Yet people still give him money rather than admit their belief in him is their own failure.

Trump's win in MI was a huge surprise to almost everyone except people on the ground in MI. This article is silly and doesn't know what it's talking about. If anything, it shows that idiots who were stupid before the election learned nothing from it.

It wasn't random chance. In fact, there was no way Clinton could win and all the experts were idiots, willfully ignoring the truth.

One error you are making: you are only counting the close contests in which Trump won, but ignoring the close contests where he almost won, like NH e.g. You are not learning things here and there are lessons to be learned, and you are refusing to learn them. But they are there.

Kenneth Newman