In Response to: Dismay Over Dobbs Ruling

James Paulson ’72 *77 suggests Supreme Court Justices should care about the opinions of students or alumnae of their alma maters (Inbox, October issue). Should that only be Princeton? And which students?

Surely Justices’ colleges should play no role whatever in their decision-making. Their sole allegiance should be to the case before them, and to our Constitution. I believe they are sworn to this.

This growing attitude towards democracy alarms me: Decisions one disagrees with are “appalling.” Disagree? Argue the merits of the minority side — although our system already does this. Further legal arguments to be made? Make them. But in all the noise following this specific decision, I heard no additional valid argument. “I don’t like it” is not one.

Democracy will not survive when there is no acceptance for the other side of any given opinion. Under democracy we agree to be bound by the wishes of others.

Rather than expressing outrage we should give thanks that we live in a society that finds its direction in this way. The quickest way to lose this is to bow to the opinions of some elite subset, even though they might be Princetonians.

America is a Republic, not yet an Aristocracy. Long may it remain so.

Marc C. Capalbo *89
Hollywood, Calif.