I am hoping that PAW plans a worthy profile on its new dean of engineering, Dr. Andrea Goldsmith, who at an early age was elected to the National Academy of Engineering, where typically only about 10 percent of the nominees are elected per year.

I have known her since an earlier age in Berkeley, where I did my Ph.D. dissertation under her late dad (and, like me, an immigrant), Professor Werner Goldsmith. Before coming to Princeton, she was a professor at Stanford, well versed in state-of-the-art entrepreneurship. 

Those of us who have followed her are great enthusiasts. Among her lesser credits are that she holds 29 patents! And she has a further benefit: Having both Stanford and Berkeley backgrounds, she can return from the annual Big Game and say, "We won," regardless of the outcome at the football stadium.

Best wishes and congrats on the new acquisition of a talented role model.

Paul Hertelendy ’53
Piedmont, Calif.