Meaghan Petersack ’08 reads from a children’s book written by Philemon F. Sturges III ’52 *55.

In Response to: Teaching for America

I was interested to read the article about Princeton Teach for America teachers. I was especially delighted with the picture of Meaghan Petersack ’08 with her kindergarten students in Washington, D.C. Meaghan is showing a book, The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza, which was written by my brother, Philemon F. Sturges III ’52 *55 — and she has put the name “Sturges” as a word to learn! After Phi’s career as an architect, he turned to writing children’s books with his wife, Judy Sue Goodwin, as book designer. The highly acclaimed book also was published in France as Poulet Pizza.

Thank you for making this lovely Princeton connection across the years.

Elizabeth Browne k’25, k’52, s’53, p’89