In Response to: The Ball Is in His Court

I certainly agree with E.B. Boyd ’89’s opening comment, “Dan Porter ’88’s latest project, Overtime, is changing the way teens play and watch sports and perhaps upending an entire industry” (“The Ball Is in His Court,” October issue). Overtime might very well be a financial 3-pointer as a startup success, but it seems to me it is likely to be a disincentive for participation in team sports, and that is not good. 

If I can make $100k sending digital images of my amazing and entertaining dunk shots to Overtime, why risk not making the school team? Social media has already lured our grandchildren to the couch to text friends instead of talking to them and playing with them. Overtime would seem to encourage further isolation and reduce the life-learning experience of being a part of a sports team.

Fred Churchill ’64
Vienna, Va.