Princeton Alumni Weekly:

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to honor my grandfather and recognize him for his accomplishments. I know it may seem odd, but sometimes when I'm feeling a bit down and really missing him, I'll Google his full name. The first couple times I did it, very few results came up and that made me feel a range of emotions from angry/sad -- because he wasn't getting the recognition he deserved -- to relieved, because I got to keep him to myself. However, today, while sitting in an uncomfortably quiet room, I decided to take another look and almost jumped out of my skin when I saw your article. While reading it, my eyes watered and I nearly let a tear fall, but quickly stopped myself before crying at school. I would feel rude if I didn't at least try to thank you for writing this article, so here is my best attempt. I'm sorry if my grammar or spelling is not the best it should be, but I wanted to try to express my feelings to you in the best way I could. I will be showing the article to my family later so that they may feel the same pride that I did while reading it, and I hope you know that my mother will surely be brought to tears simply by thinking of what an amazing man he was. I know I've probably said it plenty throughout this lengthy response, but thank you.


Lucy R. P. Short k'61
Lebanon, Ohio