In Response to: Play a song for me

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Jan. 16 issue re: music at Princeton. Seeing your request for memories, I have a good one! My junior year, I got tickets late for the James Taylor concert, which apparently got moved to Dillon (the ad in your issue said the concert was to be at McCarter). My date and I were seated at the last-minute-added seats at Dillon, wooden seats along the stage. As I sat down with my date to my left, I noted an attractive, vaguely familiar hippie-ish woman sitting to my right, apparently unaccompanied (we were all “hippies” in those days).

So midway through the concert, James turned, looked right at the lady next to me, and started singing “Happy Birthday” to … Joni Mitchell! He invited her up to the stage, and they performed several songs together. It was great, and I was of course freaked out that I did not recognize Joni right away.

Oh, and my date enjoyed the concert as much as I did!

Wayne Van Saun ’71