In Response to: Tigers in love

I read “Tigers in Love” with special interest (Alumni Scene, Feb. 3). My wife and I were something of trendsetters in this area. We met as undergraduates in the fall of 1972, and soon decided we would marry upon graduation in 1975. Then, in the spring of 1974, we realized that if we married at the end of junior year, we would be at the top of room draw for scarce married-student housing, which included a private kitchen.

So we applied for the housing, were able to pick a room in the newly opened Spelman Halls, and then got married by the dean of the chapel on May 22, 1974. Some of our acquaintances doubted the marriage would last. But one child, four apartments, five houses, six cats, and 16 cars later, we are approaching our 36th anniversary, making ours one of the longest Princeton-Princeton marriages to date.

John Wilheim ’75
McAdoo Wilheim ’75