Although I disagree with many of Senator Ted Cruz ’92’s policy views, up to now I have respected his success as a political leader. His actions since the November 2020 general election have been very troubling. In challenging the presidential vote before and during the electoral college certification on Jan. 6, he cited the large fraction of the electorate that considers the presidential election to be fraudulent. I agree that congress should investigate voter fraud, but the problem here is that these allegations of massive voter fraud are not based on reality or facts, but on lies, misinformation, and conspiracy theories that have been propagated by President Trump, and unfortunately promoted by Senator Cruz. Senator Cruz has helped to create the unfounded voter paranoia that he uses to justify a congressional investigation into the election! Either Senator Cruz is living in an alternate reality, where truth, facts, judicial rulings, and perhaps even the U.S. Constitution are just fake news, or he is well aware of and complicit in the manipulation of voters by lies and baseless claims. I expect better from a Princeton graduate and find his actions to be a great disservice to the nation.

John Cerne ’90
Amherst, N.Y.