In Response to: In Short

The portrait of Alan Turing is very beautifully done, but very disappointed that artist Sokol didn’t capture the powerful beauty and mystery of Alan’s bright blue eyes! Well-written backstory about Alan Turing, but error on Alan’s age of death at 42 -- he was 41. Also, though it's been written by biographers and generally accepted that Alan committed suicide by eating a cyanide-laced apple, the autopsy and police investigation or lack thereof  show overwhelming evidence of staged murder to look like suicide.  Any experienced forensic scientist can see very clearly of this. Alan was never the kind of person who would give up on anything, especially his life. Creating the "Turing bomb" during WWII under enormous pressure, and finally given credit to singlehandedly saving his country from certain destruction, is evidence of this.

He was full of enormous energy, almost making the Olympic team in the marathon while building the world's most powerful computer of his time simultaneously and inventing the academic field of computer science: thus named "Father of Computer Science"!  He should have been awarded the Nobel Prize in mathematics and science; he was deputy director of the first computer lab at Manchester University working on the Farranti Mark I & II, the world's fastest computer at that time, writing the user manual and writing complex coding while simultaneously preparing to publish his latest paper on “Morphogenesis.” Alan was the master of multitasking! He never slowed down until his sudden and tragic death that took everyone who knew him by shock and surprise. 

Julia M. Turing