This was the best issue ever, though admittedly I’ve only been reading PAW for 70 years. The featured dozen or so bios/obits were instructive and fascinating!

Two small corrections: In Lives Lived & Lost, George Sella ’50’s most beautiful moment was overcoming a greatly favored Dartmouth Indians side with his elegant zigzag through seemingly a dozen Hanover opponents with a late winning TD closing out the season — in 1949, not 1950. He even got an accolade voiced by the cleric in church (Alexander Hall) the next day.

Also, Robert Brawner ’52 (Memorials) swam butterfly, not breaststroke, in setting the first Princeton world record since the 1930s.

We senior seniors may not remember yesterday’s lunch, but we’re much better on events seven decades ago!

Keep up the good work.

Editor’s note: Brawner competed before the records for butterfly and breaststroke were officially split into two events, so his records remain in the breaststroke category.

Paul Hertelendy ’53
Piedmont, Calif.