I was dismayed the profile of Dr. Lucy McBride ’95 (Princetonians, October issue) lacked any critical analysis of her “Urgency of Normal” activities. While many selflessly rose to the challenge presented by the COVID pandemic, others like Dr. McBride have used it as an opportunity for self-promotion far beyond the scope of their expertise. Media-savvy physicians like Dr. McBride have provided politicians cover to eliminate the few remaining public health precautions, but low-income and minoritized children and their caregivers continue to carry the greatest burden of disease and death. Though the current hyperendemic state of COVID is very different from the early pandemic in 2020, reverting to “normal” disproportionately harms the most vulnerable members of society. I encourage PAW to highlight alumni who are tackling the pandemic in evidence- and equity-based ways, rather than those who have been most successful at chasing the spotlight.

Rebecca Thorsness ’13
Providence, R.I.