In Response to: The Pies That Bind

In the early ’70s, undergraduate pizza options seemed to be focused on The Colonial Diner (until it burned down), The Grotto on Witherspoon Street, The Kingston Inn, and maybe for slices, A&S Luncheonette (aka “The Porn Shop”).  Conte’s was often lauded by Tommy Sullivan, Bobby Sinkler, and some of the other trainers and staff at Caldwell Field House as a place they liked to have beers after games or on other evenings. Not sure how many undergrads actually ventured down Witherspoon Street to discover it.

Many years later it became a go-to spot after games and other visits to campus with our kids and other Princeton friends. Taking home a Conte’s pizza, lasagna from Teresa’s or a dinner from Tiger Noodles has often been part of the “special dispensation” required to enable me come to campus for a football or lacrosse game.

Andy Cowherd ’74
Morristown, N.J.