George Will and I both have doctorates from Princeton, although my department, history, was and is far better than his, politics!

I find George a pain in the backside often, but on this question of sexual misconduct on campuses I have no real opinion one way or another.

But I do honor Will for one thing: his fierce dislike of Woodrow Wilson, which I share. For Will, Wilson was the only president publicly in speeches and in books to denounce the basic lines of our republic in favor of a parliamentary system. He was an Anglophile as well as a Calvinist -- neither of which in my view is a good foundation. Look at Britain today! Look at Presbyterians today!

I put Will with another brave soul, George Kennan, whom I heard at the Woodrow Wilson School many years ago denounce Wilson for a variety of errors and obsessions.

Any Princetonian able to drop Wilson from his reverence deserves credit in my book.

Norman Ravitch *62
Savannah, Ga.